How LinkedIn Can be Useful for Chartered Accountants?

How Linkedin Is uselful for CA

LinkedIn is one of the greatest professional networking tools available today. No matter where you are in your career, from CA student to Practicing Chartered Accountants or Working professional, you can leverage LinkedIn.

You just need the right strategy to leverage this social networking site. Some of which, I am explaining in this article.

As a Student

If you are in High school and college students and not planning to pursue chartered accountancy, you surely have much to gain by accessing the Education section of LinkedIn. Education enables you to explore different colleges and universities. You can check out rankings by career focus. You can investigate different career paths and review the roles graduates have taken after college. You can even keep of track of your interests for future deliberation and research.

As a CA Student

Articleship is the most important and compulsory part of Chartered Accountancy profession. Well, some may be surprised to read that these days most of the reputed Chartered Accountancy firms, mainly top 20 chartered Accountants firms in India are using LinkedIn to hire article trainee. Even if some are not using linkedIn, they need references to accept you resume. LinkedIn is one of the best platform for networking or to get references. One should just improve their LinkedIn profile to stand out.

As a Chartered Accountant

Many professionals quickly realize that the grass isn’t always greener somewhere else. Sometimes the best way to get ahead is to add more value where you are. Mid-career professionals can get bored when they stay in one role for too long. Successful Chartered Accountants realize that to move forward (or even sideways), they need to suggest new tasks and projects.

One way to start this is to use LinkedIn to look up other Chartered Accountants. See what they “do” or what is required. You can also look at roles connected to your role – i.e., careers related to what you do or your niche that may be a promotion away. When you review the duties and responsibilities of others, you have an excellent list of new responsibilities or increased value you can add to your employer. By suggesting additional ways to contribute that are on trend professionally for your firm, you add a new dimension to your work and you have made it easy for your firm to increase her overall team contribution. This is a pretty powerful return for a few hours of reading profiles and open job listings on LinkedIn.

The above discussion was for the employed Chartered Accountants. LinkedIn even can be useful for practicing Chartered Accountants, if used correctly. Almost all the companies have their LinkedIn accounts, LinkedIn Pages & Groups. Even if some companies haven’t have any, their top level managements are using LinkedIn. You don’t need to impress them with you charm, they will impress with you subject matter based awareness. Took part in their groups discussions, Use LinkedIn Pulse to share your knowledge. Get noticed by you potential clients.

In short, LinkedIn is chock-full of information that can be sliced and diced multiple ways to allow users to implement more strategic research and networking strategies. Users in every phase of their professional development can leverage LinkedIn to get an advantage for their future.

– Mohit Jain



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