4 steps for Chartered Accountant to Maintain the Consistency of Their Blog.

alt,= 4 steps for Chartered Accountant to Maintain the Consistency of Their Blog."

We all know that a chartered accountant doesn’t have much time to blog or being active on social media.

So, How can Chartered Accountants share their blog constantly frequent.

1.) Contribution of Co-workers.

Being a Chartered Accountant, it is not easy to be regular on social media or write blogs while maintaining the frequency. However, one of the important rule of blogging is frequency of your blogs. To maintain this frequency, you should ask to your Co-workers, employees, or articles to blog for you. Give them to topic to write, so that they can enhance their knowledge of that subject matter.

2.) Incentives

You should have incentives to encourage or motivate your co-workers to blog frequently for you. At a certain point of time your co-worker would be demotivate to write for you, because they won’t get anything in return.

3.) Schedule a block of time. 

Set aside time every week to blog and schedule it in your calendar just as you would schedule a meeting. Even go to a conference room or office library to work on your blog so people can’t interrupt you at your desk.

By scheduling blogging ahead of time, you won’t feel that nagging in the back of your brain the rest of the week that asks, “When will I have time to blog next?” Now you’ll already have it planned out every week.

4.) Make it simple.

Don’t be too technical about the knowledge you share with you audience. I have seen many Chartered Accountants are more focused on sharing technical part of their knowledge. Sometime sharing technical knowledge is not bad, but SOMETIMES. For Chartered Accountants, the purpose of writing blogs is aware their audience with the latest news, updates, amendments or helps them to understand the technicality of law. Technicality of law can’t be explain by being technical about what you write. And making your simple would be less time consuming for you.

What advice do you have to maintain the consistency of blog?

-Mohit Jain


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