8 Myths of Chartered Accountants about Social Media

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The good news is Chartered Accountants knows that social media is useful for them. And the bad news is some of what we believe is wrong. Let’s burst those believe about social media.

1. Social Media is Internet Marketing

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Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use to drive direct sales via, in addition to sales leads from or emails. Internet marketing and online advertising efforts are typically used in conjunction with traditional types of advertising like radio, television, newspapers and magazines. Many Chartered Accountants believes that social media is just internet marketing or online marketing. However this is not true. Social media and internet marketing are parts of digital marketing. They both have different significance in digital marketing. The significance of social media is engaging with 243 million Indian users of social media in just one go.

2. Social Media is for Networking and Sales.

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Yeah! For certain instances it is true, that social media is being used by many companies for increase in sales and for market their product or services. However, social media not just for the sake of creating sale or market your services. Many thought leaders are using social media for their Thought Leadership Engagement, Subject matter based awareness and for Social media awareness.

3. Social Media is Technical

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This is the most common myths of many Chartered Accountants that social media is technical. However, social media is not technical at all. Social media is more of content centric plus to engage, interact and communicate with people at large or with your potential client, whom is looking for you.

4. Social Media is not for us

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Simply not true. Many Chartered Accountants thinks that social media is not for them. However, social media is beneficial for each and every thought leaders irrespective of the fact that from which industry you are come from. Social media is one of the best and leveraging medium for every thought leader for their Thought Leadership Engagement.

5. Social Media is SEO only

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This is the most annoying myths of chartered accountants that social media is only Search engine optimization. However, SEO is just a part of Digital Marketing like internet marketing. This is what, which is actually a technical part of digital marketing.

6. Social Media is for Attracting New Clients

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True, in some instances. However, for a Chartered Accountant or a Thought Leader, social media is not just for attracting new clients. Social Media is widely acceptable medium for Thought Leadership Engagement of a thought leader to interact, communicate or share their knowledge to people at large through social media mediums.

7. My Potential Clients are not on Social Media

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According to a research in 2014, there are 243 Million internet users in India. And total users may increase to 500 million by 2018 (note: 243 million people are online). So, is it possible that YOUR customers aren’t using social? Conceivably, yes. But even if they aren’t yet using social for business, chances are they are using social in some capacity.

8. Firm’s Website or Blog is the Most Important Social Media Asset

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Simply not true. A firm’s website or a blog website is important investment or asset for a Chartered Accountant. But what is the significance of your website or blog, if your potential reader or client doesn’t even know that you have a blog or a website where you share something useful daily or weekly.


2 thoughts on “8 Myths of Chartered Accountants about Social Media”

  1. It sounds like it is really important for chartered accountants to learn about social media and understand how it works with marketing. I would really like to hire a good chartered accountant, but I want to be sure that they know about these myths and are aware that they are false. I will be sure to refer back to this when I am looking for possible accountants to ask them these questions and be sure that they know about social media!


    1. Thank you so much #GrantHarper for appreciation.
      and yeah! being a Chartered Accountant student, i strongly feel that social media can is important for every chartered accountant.
      As a chartered accountant is not less than a thought leader in his/her industry. However, most of the time they can’t convince people at large about this and social media is a great medium to talk, to show what you have, to show your talent, to show your knowledge.


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