Era of Thought leadership engagement

thought leadership engagement

Thought Leadership is establishing a relationship with and delivering something of value to your stakeholders and customers that aligns with your company value.

Thought Leadership Engagement is interacting with your established relationship and communicating the new generating ideas that are relevant & actionable for your audience. In the process you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

The world has many thought leaders in almost every industry. However as far as their engagement is concerned very few are there who are actually engaged with their target audience.

It is very difficult for an individual to interact with everybody or delivering something of value to your target audience, as most of the thought leaders are still using the traditional way of communication. For instance, writing an article in newspaper, writing a book, guest lecture in a seminar and many more. However, this approach is no more useful to reach out to your wide range of target audience.

The modern way of communication i.e., Social Media, in today’s world gives you this advantage to EIC (engage, interact and communicate) with your target audience. You can directly interact with your followers, fan following, readers, and your target audience through social media.

We are living in a world where almost every individual or a company is using social media for different purposes and trying to find new information or ideas on web.

Thought Leadership Engagement is a bridge for thought leaders to provide those ideas, information, and knowledge to the one who is looking for it.

Gone are the days when very few people knows about you that you are a thought leader of a particular industry. Now, you can be known to the world or be a brand of your own name through “Thought Leadership Engagement” because we are in the middle of the era of social media, the ERA OF THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ENGAGEMENT.

Mohit Jain


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